Andy Warrington

Industry Expert

 Andy Warrington

Andy Warrington

ADEPT , technical director

Andy Warrington is a Chartered Civil Engineer with 25 years’ experience in transportation, transport asset management, project management, construction and maintenance with consultants, contractors and local authorities.

Previously Andy spent 20 years leading local highway departments including transformation and business development in procurement, contract management, collaboration and business process optimisation whilst delivering customer focussed local highway service.

Andy continues his membership of ADEPT representing local transport authorities and the ADEPT Engineering Board publishing reports into procurement, highway drainage and commuted sums.  He also represents ADEPT at various resilience forum and was previously involved in producing the 3 Counties Adaptation Plan and the Royal Academy’s Infrastructure, Engineering and Climate Change Adaptation report.

Andy is also a Trustee and Council Member of CIHT and a member of ICE Transport Expert Panel and was Chair ICE East Midlands in 2014/2015 and Chair CIHT Midlands 2013/2015.

Andy is currently Technical Director at ADEPT.

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