Rupert Clubb

Industry Expert

  Rupert Clubb

Rupert Clubb

Transport for the South East , lead officer

Rupert is the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport at East Sussex County Council and the lead officer for Transport for the South East.

At East Sussex, he is responsible for a range of activities including economic development, transport planning, waste planning and management, highway maintenance and construction, rights of way, countryside management, libraries, archives, registration and customer services.

Rupert is also leading on the development of Transport for the South East, a shadow sub-national transport body which will publish the region’s first integrated transport strategy later this year and aims to secure statutory status in 2020.

Rupert is a Chartered Civil Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and Institution of Highways and Transportation.  

Prior to joining East Sussex County Council he held a number of roles with the Environment Agency as a flood and coastal risk manager through to senior management roles where he was responsible, amongst other things, for environmental regulation, flood risk management and environment protection and enhancement.

Rupert is also a past president of the Association of Directors, of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT).

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