Young Engineers Challenge: Air Quality

12 November 2020 | Victoria Park Plaza

Young Engineers Challenge: Air Quality

In 2019 New Civil Engineer launched the Young Engineers Air Quality Challenge as an exciting new feature at our Future of Roads conference.

Air pollution is the largest environmental health risk and threatens irreversible and devastating climate change. We are looking for graduates who can develop innovative and cost-effective strategies or solutions for the use of roads in cities, towns or the countryside which will improve air quality by 2025.

Teams were challenged to choose three implementable and cost-effective strategies or solutions. Possible approaches might include emissions charging or encouraging lifestyle change e.g. active travel. Teams should seek transformative solutions and explain how they have considered the challenges, the opportunities and potential technological and other obstacles to implementation. Successful teams then presented their ideas at the Future of Roads conference on 4 July 2019.

How do I enter?

2019 Judges

Young Engineers Challenge: Air Quality

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