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New Civil Engineer announced the return of the NCE Future of Roads 2022 a physical event on 6 July at the Victoria Park Plaza. This year's conference explored the challenges, opportunities, and future of the UK road infrastructure network.

The NCE Future of Roads delved into topics including climate resilience, integration of technology, and future planning. Attendees heard from local and national road authorities about funding challenges and network upgrades. The event discussed insights into key road projects and get your questions answered by our leading speakers. Plus attendees learnt about the new technologies and innovations increase efficiency, safety and reducing carbon in project delivery and maintenance.

NCE Future of Roads brought together biggest clients, local authorities, consulting engineers, contractors, and wider supply chain. Register now for 2023 and make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the discussion, network with leading industry figures, and discover the latest project, technologies, and innovations transforming the roads sector.

This year's NCE Future of Rail and Future of Roads conferences were collocated enabling attendees to move between both events and gaining insight into both sectors.

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NCE Future of Rail

This year's NCE Future of Rail and Future of Roads conferences will be co-located enabling attendees to move between both events and gain insight into both sectors. The NCE Future of Rail event is a must attend conference focusing on the major projects, challenges, and innovations in the sector. Make sure you attend to be part of the discussion, network with key industry leaders and discover the latest projects and technology transforming the sector.

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