05 June 2024 | America Square Conference Centre, London

Part of the NCE Transport series

New Civil Engineer is thrilled to present the NCE Roads Conference 2024, set to convene on 5 June at America Square.

This conference serves as a pivotal platform to dissect the intricacies, challenges, and transformative potential of the UK's road infrastructure landscape.

Building upon the success of previous NCE Roads conferences, this years event will focus on critical themes such as climate resilience, the integration of cutting-edge technology, strategic future planning, and sustainable development. Engage directly with leaders from both local and national road authorities as they shed light on pivotal funding dynamics, infrastructural upgrades, and groundbreaking projects that are set to redefine the nation's road networks. Gain unparalleled insights into governmental strategies, budgetary allocations, and forthcoming initiatives that are poised to shape the trajectory of the industry.

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore new innovations and cutting edge technologies to solve a range of areas such as safety, carbon reduction and improving project delivery or maintenance.

NCE Roads will draw together industry leaders from across the sector including prominent clients, local authorities, consulting engineers, contractors, and the wider supply chain. Seize this invaluable occasion to immerse yourself in enriching discussions, forge meaningful connections with industry trailblazers, and uncover the latest advancements that are revolutionising the roads sector.

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Discover the highlights of this year's UK Roads programme, spotlighting themes such as advancing climate resilience strategies, integrating innovative technology solutions for enhanced road infrastructure, and navigating the complexities of sustainable asset management.

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NCE Transport Series

Don’t just attend the roads conference, this year we will run the NCE Roads conference on 5 June, NCE Airports on 6 June, and then NCE Rail & Transit at a later rescheduled date due to the election.

The Airports and Rail events are must attend conferences, whether you’re a client who wants to improve your knowledge, an engineer eager to hear about the future technologies and innovations, or a contractor interested to hear about the projects in the pipeline this is an important events for you to join.

Make sure you attend to be part of the discussion, network with key industry leaders and discover the latest projects and technology transforming the sector.

Book you passes today for any combination of these events and benefit from a 20% discount for two events and 30% for all three, contact event enquires to secure these discounts.