Why attend

Whether you are a client, engineer, contractor, or architect this year’s UK Roads conference promises to equip you with essential insights into the evolving landscape of road infrastructure.

Attending the event will enable you to:

    ✔ Explore strategies and developments focused on climate resilience, technological integration, and sustainable asset management across strategic highways and major road networks.

    ✔ Gain valuable perspectives on the National Highways' Road Investment Strategy and its implications for future infrastructure projects.

    ✔ Engage in discussions about the intersection of emerging technologies, such as electric vehicles, with road network evolution and the ensuing challenges.

    ✔ Uncover pioneering innovations that are setting new benchmarks for resilience and sustainability within the industry.

    ✔ Forge connections with industry peers, potential clients, and supply chain stakeholders committed to driving meaningful change.

    ✔ Extract insights and best practices from leading UK projects that are setting industry standards.

        Who should attend:

        • National and local transport authorities
        • Consulting engineers in highways and roads
        • Tier 1/Tier 2 contractors
        • Government and regulatory bodies
        • Associations and membership bodies

        Book your place today and save £100 if you book before 3 May 2024.

          Who attends